The Anti-creative Art of Simultaneous Procrasti-reading, Facebook-lurking, Pinterest-covetting, Insta-resenting & multi-tabbed browsing…And how it is hindering our potential.

Right at this very moment, I have three tabs open on my Macbook, seven tabs open on my iMac, 21 tabs open on my phone, and Netflix is on standby from an episode of Gossip Girl I am watching. Hey!? *Feeling your judgy eyes* I’m only watching the first season!…

Okay I lied.

I’m watching the fifth season of GG, and I only started it a week ago. And there’s like, 24 episodes a season…and…pleeeeease don’t tell my husband!? He thinks the reason I am still in my pyjamas at 5.30pm (and that my 14 of coffee cups are still in the sink, amongst my toast crumbs, is baby was really difficult today)…

…I even have two books beside me, open at random chapters. One I am proud of :Use Your Words, by Catherine Deveny (In an attempt to be inspired to write more…oh wait it’s kinda working?…). The other… Oh god do I have to tell you? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. HEY!!! Feeling those Judy eyes again… I’m reading it to my baby, alright?!


As I write this I feel ashamed. I am a creative, a writer, an artist.

I’m not a Facebook-lurker who (between smirking at cat video’s, tagging my friends in mum-fail memes, and posting pictures of my baby, the cute ones only) surcumbs to click-bait about Meghan Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry. Did you hear that she said “YES!?”

I am not a Pinterest-obsessed housewife who lives to make crock-pot dinners for under $5, and pins DIY projects that transform my bathroom like a “SPA Makeover”. I don’t buy trendy nick-nacks to decorate my pinsta-grammable house, and I certainly do not buy too many matching cushions. Who does that??? Seriously. And finally I am not a Capsule-Wardrobe covetter, who searches for outfit ideas before I leave the house (but with only the 33 pieces that I have carefully curated). No. I am not that ever. At all. Not. one. little. bit.

I am not a Insta-resenting, cup-of-tea-drinking scroller, who has thumb RSI and a serious case of cute-baby double-tapping. I do not have a terminal dose of the Green-Eyed-Travel-Monster either. I am genuinely happy that you managed to visit 147 countries by the time you were 24. Genuinely. Super genuine. Double-tappetty tap. Whoops! My phone broke cause I tapped too hard…

And I am certainly NOT a multi-tabbed browser. You know those peeps, the ones who go to on their computer to check the weather, and then they remember that they were watching a vintage Patagonia T-shirt on Ebay that might end soon…ebay loads….  Oooooohh look at that ad in my side-bar, ASOS are having a sale, open new tab. Oh and I remember someone put up an awesome promo-code for ASOS on Facebook, better check that out before I buy anything, new tab. I’ll just scroll through my news feed a little first. Ohh man, Iris’s wedding photos look amazing, I’m gonna check out that in a sec, new tab. Oh YAY! Jess has just messaged me back, can’t wait to read about all her adventures in Europe. Might save it till tonight when the baby is asleep, when I can reply properlyNew tab. Google search: <How to make more time for yourself when you have a baby> ENTER. Ahhhh good articles, scroll scroll scroll. New tab, new tab, new tab. *Baby starts fussing in the background* Man he has been fussy lately, perhaps he is sick? I think I’ll do the WebMD symptom checker just to make sure he isn’t, new tab.  


Creativity not consumption
The god-honest truth is, is that instead of using this time and technology to create, inspire and contribute, I consume the internet, and we are all guilty of it.

I devour my Facebook newsfeed, I slurp greedily at messages from friends, and then reply months later.

I graze through thousands of Pinterest articles, wasting my own time to decorate my own house, create my own art, curate my own style, and develop my own delicious recipes.

I binge through my friends’ photos on Instagram, double-tapping cuteness and throwing around comments of kindness, while in darker moments resenting the whole highlight-reel phenonema: even though we all do it.

Meanwhile I could lift my head and enjoy the day I’m living, enjoy the world I live in. 

Let’s create, contribute and inspire. 
Let’s reply to our friend’s messages quicker.
Let’s connect, not lurk in the digital shadows.
Let’s share ideas….But lets share actual physical stuff too.
Let’s finish our to-do lists, instead of Googling how to finish them.
Let’s share our lives, as well as our highlights.
Let’s write more, and comment less.
Let’s step away from our keyboards, and raise our true powerful voice.
Let’s buy less online, and enjoy what we have more.

Let’s lift our heads and look up at each other.

Who’s with me…?




4 thoughts on “The Anti-creative Art of Simultaneous Procrasti-reading, Facebook-lurking, Pinterest-covetting, Insta-resenting & multi-tabbed browsing…And how it is hindering our potential.

  1. I was nodding and ‘mmmhmm’ing all the way through this Belle. In fact, I have three windows open and 9 tabs just in this one…busted! But I’m glad to hear I am not alone, and I feel a little less guilty/a little more inspired after reading your suggestions.

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