Which Way? The Barry Way

It’s long and winding, but you wont find wilderness in the High Country much better than this. 

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The Barry Way Quick Facts

What: A 170km winding unsealed road through the High Country with knife-edge cliffs and spectacular views. No petrol along this route.

Where: Stretching between Jindabyne NSW and Buchan VIC. The first 27km from Jindabyne are sealed.

How: We did it with our 4WD, however we did see 2WD vehicles, dirt bikes, bicycles, horse floats, camper trailers and caravans. The caravaners are, in our opinion, a little mad.

Remoteness: Very high

Camping: Yes! Many many spots. See below.

Biking: Yes, of the push and motorised variety.

Canoeing: Yes

Fishing: Yes!

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 4.15.05 pm


We set off in the morning, through the blanket of fog, not knowing what we ha got ourselves into. Passing cows and horses, we were unaware of just how high these farms were. Slowly, the fog lifts and a dramtic landscape is unveiled. We are on the precipice of knife-edge cliffs, below wild gorges. We saw wild brumbies, expansive sections of the snowy river, and beautiful Australian birds. This is somewhere we are going to come again.

Camping In order from Jindabyne

There are several places to camp along the way, all with access to the river, enough space to spread out, toilets, shade and fire pits. See the above map for locations.

Jacobs River


Halfway Flat


No Name


Pinch River


Running Waters


Willis Victoria



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